A successful brand appearance

With creative retouching, renderings, marketing automation and many other services, we help you to navigate your brand in all channels.

Brand standards

Without brand standards, there can’t be a consistent brand appearance: they appear on key visuals, on packages, on promotional items and on ads.

We develop logos in different sizes and different color spaces. Brand managers are giving their approvals with the help of proofs, which we create with in-house machines.  

We put the results of this process into guidelines that we share with all project partners. The guidelines make sure that the brand appearance is consistent in all channels.  


Creating key visuals

When you realize a marketing campaign, it makes sense to create a key visual upfront and let it be approved by all stakeholders. Because if all participants of the project have agreed on the general look, the later adaptions such as ads, Out Of Home billboards and POS material can be approved much faster.

With retouchings and compositions, we are changing motives so that they fit well to the brand and to get the visuals effect that we want to create.  We also agree on legal statements with the project owners and include legal lines and conditions of participation into key visuals.


Packaging Dosen Artwork

Print file creation

Every year, we create hundreds of ready-to-print files for packaging. The most important industries of our packaging business are beverages, groceries and non-food consumer goods.

Visualizations and mock ups

When we create packaging files, we help our clients with 3D renderings in the approval process, so that they can imagine, how the packaging looks like in reality. In some cases, we also create mockups of the packages if our clients want to hold them in their hands.

Print approvals and quality management

As experts in color management, we visit print houses and optimize the print results together. Thus, we can assure a consistent brand appearance on different packaging materials and printing techniques.

and CGI

Photo realistic 3D renders have become one of our largest business fields in the last couple of years. 

Renderings are offering many advantages to our clients: we can visualize objects in various angles and scenes. Moreover, we can built a range of products much faster and much more consistent. 

Rendering einer Glasflasche

At the beginning, our experts create a 3D mesh / grid, which is based on the technical drawing of a product. When we grid is done, we import the textures, i.e. the print files of a package and put them onto the grids. 

So, with the help of correct lights and reflexions, photo realistic results appear. 

When we take the rendering file as the foundation, we can also create animated videos and Augmented Reality applications. 

Dose mit CGI erstellt

3D, Augmented and Virtual Reality

Well-created renders are the foundation for 3D other applications. 

As you can see in the example, you can directly implement 3D objects into websites, so that your client can turn them around and view them from all angles. Shopify natively supports 3D objects in their shops, as they significantly increase sales.

We also export 3D objects for Augmented and Virtual Reality. With these applications, a customer can view the objects directly in his living room. 

Creative Retouchings

Wir machen aus guten Bildern perfekte Ergebnisse. Denn die Kreativretusche ist unsere Kerndienstleistung seit über 50 Jahren. Zu unseren Lieblingsaufgaben gehören Composings und Kreativretuschen in der Lebensmittel-, Mode- und Kosmetikbranche. 

In 1965, we started our company with retouching photography. At beginning of our history, we did that with brushes, foils and chemicals. In 1986, we bought our first Apple Macintosh computer and since then, we have been retouching digitally and are now looking back on tens of thousands of retouches.


... for OOH, ads and many more.

As soon as the key visual is approved, we then turn to adapt it to very different advertising materials. We adapt a broad range of materials, which means we do small digital and print ads, but also huge OOH posters.

As adaptions are so different in formats and specifications, it is important to work already with fine data and to include all partners in the key visual creation process. Only when you do this, you will get fast and seamless approvals for adaptions.

Point of Sale Marketing

We manage your POS project from first scratched to the successful delivery in all markets. 

Project planning

At the beginning of each project, we develop a project plan with all suppliers, partners and involved departments of our clients. How long does shipping take? How long does it take to pack all materials? How long is the printing and production process? When do the print files have to be ready? When do we start with the first layouts?
Partykübel als Beispiel für POS-Marketing

Development of advertising

We develop advertising material with keeping eyes on budget restrictions of our clients and space restrictions of our partners. We our clients ideas and create 3D renders and mockups in original sizes. After the first presentation to our clients, we specify materials which means that we define material, colors, print runs, printing techniques and contact suitable print houses for the job.

Procurement and quality management

We inspect the mockups of print houses regarding construction, quality and color fastness. By order of our clients, we negotiate costs and terms with print houses and order materials. We supply the print houses with print files and proofs, approve the print results and take care of the on-time delivery at the trade partners of our clients.

Digital Asset Management

As experts for print file creation, we have always been organizing print data. For now more than 21 years, we have been consulting our clients to manage and share their marketing data with all stakeholders.

So together with our clients, we developed a powerful database, which has an elegant user interface, intuitive administration features and which is one of the fastest databases in the market. Then write us a mail! Our solution consist of three components:

Media Management

Here, we organize and share all media files. You can download images in different formats and open and play PDFs and videos without downloading them before.

Workflow Management

Every single file can be approved with an intuitive approval process within our software. You can change the number of stages and entitled users however you want to have it.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Here, we centrally manage all relevant product data. Our system can be connected to SAP, GS1, eCommerce systems and other partners. Our PIM automatically creates product data sheets, sales material and print files for different purposes.

Packaging Automation

It is one of the biggest challenges in packaging to get the right information on the label. However, marketing information, nutritional information and ingredients are often in different sources. It might also happen that information are not current anymore. Moreover, manual editing is one of the biggest possible source for wrong printed texts on packages. You copy texts from different sources and somehow you add a typo to the text.

To avoid this, we developed packaging automation. For this, you either need our Digital Asset Management system or a similar platform, where you can find article information.

In this case, we create a master artwork and connect the artwork to the interface of the database. Thus, article information are pushed automatically to the artwork in the following artwork process. So you can be sure to have correct and the most current data in the artwork and are able to gain speed and reduce the error rate.

Advertising Automation

If clients have many stores, they have a challenge: On the one hand, they need individual communication material for every market, i.e. to communicate their business hours, if they have a local promotion or if the store has to close due to reconstruction works. On the other hand, you want the materials to be consistent to the brand appearance.
For this topic, we offer our clients to customize their advertising material via a Web2Print platform. You do not only get a custom user interface of the software, but TEAMWORK also creates all templates for advertising material and gives you first-level-support, if you like it. To create a template means that we define together with the client, which areas of the artwork can be customized and which are fixed in order to keep a consistent brand appearance.
The production partners are linked to the process, so they get the orders and print files via the platform in order to get the advertising materials quickly and smoothly into the market.

The example video shows an individualization of an ad. But basically, you can customize any communication material. 

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